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 Gold Stone Capital Advisors, LLC is a full service commercial and residential capital advisory  consulting firm that helps those commercial real estate sponsors as well as residential homeowners solve their problems whether providing short term capital for commercial needs or helping homeowners get out from under their stress of selling their home.

Our commercial arm focuses on short-term bridge lending for those sponsors needing capital for purchases of stabilized or value-add properties.  We also locate performing and non-performing notes as well as sourcing REO pools from banks and credit unions across the United States.

For those commercial owners wanting to learn more about our short-term bridge lending program simply click the Looking For Short-Term Commercial Capital button in the menu bar above.

If you are interested in performing, non-performing loan pools or REO pools that we source from banks or credit unions across the United States, or would like to learn more about investing in real estate notes for yourself click the Find Investment Notes & REO button in the menu bar above.  

You may be the owner of raw land to one caught up in a busted land development project and for what ever reason need to sell, please take a look @ Land For Sale to learn how we can assist.

Our residential arm helps homeowners who need to sell quickly due losing their job, job transfers to a new city, divorce, a death in the family, medical issues, inheriting a property, or other issues.  If you find yourself in one of these situations please click the Sell Your Home Fast button in the menu bar above for more information.

For homeowners outside of Texas we have an excellent program for those facing difficulty selling their home due to such things as eminent foreclosure, little or no equity in their property, interested home buyers wanting to purchase your home but not qualifying due to damaged credit or rising mortgage rates, or simply not getting the sales price you're looking for.  However, our Lease Option/Rent to Own program helps expedite a quick sale for those homeowners or properties facing such financial difficulties as those mentioned above.  For more information click the Our Rent-To-Own Program button in the menu bar above to learn more and get started.

Residential real estate investors/wholesalers click the Join Our V.I.P. Buyers List menu tab for hot, off the market properties we have in our inventory.  Also, you wholesalers who have trashed those leads you no longer work, take a look at our Dead Leads For Cash program to see how to turn those dead leads into cash right into your pocket.  Check the appropriate menu buttons above for more details. 

We are a full service real estate consulting firm & discretionary capital provider.

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